Speaker Bio

Hans Wortman

Hans Wortman

Head of PfR Sourcing, WEPA

04-1987/11-1988 Reed Int. De Hoop Paper mill; Sourcing Manager
12-1988/09-1990 Reedpack (Management Buy out) De Hoop Paper mill; Sourcing & Project manager
10-1990/01-1996 SCA De Hoop; Sourcing & Logistic manager
02-1996/03-2006 SCA Containerboard; Head of Central sourcing
04-2001/06-2012 SCA Recycling Global Business Division; Managing Director
07-2012/02-2013 DS Smith Recycling; Business Development Director
03-2013/12-2016 SCA Europe; Sourcing Director Paper for Recycling.
09-2017 Start of AkarMan Consulting; Owner
03-2019 WEPA; Head of Paper for Recycling sourcing
10-2022 WEPA; Internal Business Consultant

Currently chairing the CEPI Recycling Committee as well as the 4 Ever Green alliance.

My wife and I have two full grown daughters of which we are very proud.
Hobbies are playing basketball, alpine skiing, working in the forest and restoring old timers.