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Clarissa Morawski

Clarissa Morawski

Managing Director, Reloop

Working with industry, government, and not-for-profits, Clarissa Morawski brings 25 years of technical, analytical and communications experience in waste reduction policy and operations.

Clarissa is co-founder and CEO of the European-based Reloop Platform, a network representing industry, ENGOs and government with a shared vision of a circular economy for Europe. 

As founder and Principal of CM Consulting, which recently celebrated 20 years, Clarissa built a company which is recognized world-wide for the comprehensive information it provides – research, analysis, guidance and meaningful analysis.

Clarissa has played a role on circular economy advocacy in Canada, USA and now in Europe, with a focus on recycled-content obligations, deposit return systems, meaningful measurement and government oversight.

Since 1998, Clarissa has written over 100 articles and cover stories on extended producer responsibility and waste management in various publications in North America and she currently writes a regular column for Resource Recycling, called, Dispatches from Europe. From 2010-2015, Clarissa taught at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.   


Trade Winds and Headwinds

November 5 @ 4:00 PM